Graduate Nurse Residency Program FAQs


Q: How long is the Residency program and what specialties typically will have open positions? 
A: Our Residency program, in all specialty areas (except Perioperative / OR), complete 100% competency validation which on average takes around 16 to 18 weeks.
Our Perioperative / OR Residency is approximately 30 weeks.
The Specialty areas typically include Critical Care, Progressive Care, Telemetry, Emergency, Medical / Surgical, Perioperative and Women’s Services.

Q: Which Entities at Texas Health Resources will have available positions?
A: Our positions for each cohort will vary by Entity and Specialty area.
**Only THR’s 14 Wholly Owned Entities are included in the Versant Graduate Nurse Residency program.**

Q: What is required for my application?
A: In addition to our online application, we require a current resume, copy of your official transcripts (unofficial transcripts will be accepted until official is available) and an essay (In one-to-two pages, tell the story of a clinical situation that was especially meaningful to you) which can be attached / uploaded to your online application. 
**Please note that all required documentation must be submitted when applying to the residency position in order to be considered** 

Q; How does the process for consideration work for the Graduate Nurse Residency?
A:  Applications that are submitted online with the required documentation are reviewed based upon qualifications for the position. Candidates are then selected and contacted via email to move forward and be scheduled for interviews. 
**Candidates that are moved forward for interviewing in consideration for the residency are not guaranteed an offer for employment**

Q: When should I expect to be contacted once I have applied for a position?
A: Time periods will vary as the hiring time periods are pre-scheduled by entity.  The majority of interviews are held on Thursdays and Fridays.  Interviews for the February 2018 cohort will be scheduled between October 26th and November 17th.  A preference form will be send to each candidate to identify the top 5 Entity choices and top 3 Specialty choices. We will then contact candidates for interviewing one to two weeks prior to the interview week.  (For Example: If Texas Health Dallas is interviewing Thursday, November 2nd you will be contacted by the week of October 16th through 27th.)

Q: How long is the interview with the Hiring Manager?
A:  Interviews can vary per Hiring Manager but typically last approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

Q: I am a current employee working for Texas Health Resources.  Do I need to apply for this position?
A:  Yes, an online application is required for each position that you would like to be considered.  
**Please note that all required documentation must be submitted when applying to the residency in order to be considered**

Q: What classes are taken? 
A: The classes you take are driven by the competencies needed for your unit and specialty. Generally, we have between 4- 6 classes for Critical Care,  Progressive Care, Telemetry, Medical / Surgical and Emergency.  Perioperative and Women’s residencies have a greater amount of classes. 

Q: How are the shift work and the classroom time divided?
A: Classes are scheduled during the “immersion period”.   Classes and clinical hours are scheduled to equal up to 40 hours a week with classroom time variation dependent on the specialty.

Q: How much time do we spend in the classroom versus doing shift work?
A: The immersion period varies upon specialty.  We have a 2 week orientation period, after orientation at least 75% of your time is spent with the preceptor on your unit. 

Q: Are the hours spent in class counted as part of hours worked?
A: During your residency, you are considered a full time employee and will be compensated for any class time needed for the residency.

Q: What shifts will I work if the job posting lists “Variable Shifts”?
A: Managers of each floor make decisions based on needs of the unit and typically do not make decisions of which shift you will work until closer to the transition time period from the residency to your floor.  We highly recommend discussing your questions regarding shift with the Hiring Manager. 

Q: What happens if I discover I do not like the specialty for which I am hired?  Can I transfer to another unit / specialty after the residency has ended?
A: The Versant GN Residency Agreement requires a two (2) year commitment.  In order to be eligible to transfer, all of the criteria in the agreement must be met. 

Q: When does the two year agreement begin and what does the agreement entail?
A: The date of the two year agreement will begin once you have completed the necessary training hours and have been signed off on all competencies.  
**Please note that during the agreement time period you must remain at the entity and specialty that you were hired into. **

Q: How can I check the status of my application(s)?
A:  Applicants can check the status of their application(s) by accessing their profile @ Log into your account and from the menu select “Account Activity” and then select “View Submission Status”. 
Current Texas Health employees can also access the link above by logging into and select “MyJobsTHR-SSO” link under “THR LINKS”

Q: If I have further questions who can I contact?
A: All inquiries regarding the Graduate Nurse Residency program can be emailed to   

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-Employment opportunities are only reflective of wholly owned Texas Health Resources entities.

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