Meet our Superheroes

Angelina, CST




How long have you been with Texas Health?   5 years

What was the coolest case you have worked on?
I have worked on so many cool cases during my career at Texas Health Resources. Organ procurement, peripheral vascular surgery, and orthopedic cases are just a few of my favorites.

What is the most interesting part of your workday?
The most interesting part of my work day is the unexpected. Although I always have the power to help patients and make a difference in their lives, every day holds a different challenge. We never know what lies ahead. Some cases are easy-breezy, while others a heartbreakingly-difficult, when patients don’t make it out alive, despite our team doing everything in our power.

Texas Health is a great place to work.  We love to hire amazing people like you.  How does your team support each other?
In the operating room, our priority is patient safety. To achieve success, we work hard to build a strong a team. We understand each other's flaws and weaknesses, and we utilize our strengths for the team advantage. We are a family. During difficult times, we encourage and uplift each other. During our victories, we cheer and celebrate.

Share with us a case that has touched your heart or impacted you.
I spent Christmas Eve with my family. We had a great time eating dinner, opening gifts, and playing board games. At the end of the night, I vividly remember receiving a phone call to come in to work for an organ donor case. The operating team and I arrived to the hospital at around 12:20 am to prepare the operating room. The case started and we finished surgery around 8:00 am. I was able to make it home at 8:30 am, just in time to see my stepson, Xander, open his gifts on Christmas morning. It was magical!!! I was part of a surgical case where we helped others receive the gift of life on Christmas day, and I was still able to have a wonderful time with my family.

Why do you stay at Texas Health?
I have many strong reasons to stay at Texas Health Resources. We are on the 100 Best companies to work for. We have affordable health coverage, tuition reimbursement, and one of the highest pay rate compared to other local hospitals. The company’s culture of excellence, patience, and sympathy is definitely something I carry with me outside of the workplace. These beliefs have shaped me and bettered me as healthcare provider and as a person of society. On a more personal level, I love my operating team, my co-workers, and the doctors. I have the blessing to work with people that have played such a large role in developing myself into the person I am today!



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